Frequently Asked Question’s

Why do I need a professional installation?

Your time is valuable and this is one of those things in life that is best done right the first time. Our installation professionals have installed thousands of home theatres and they do it quickly, efficiently and correctly. Spend your time enjoying your purchase versus second guessing your ability to install it correctly.

What will I need for my installation?

You will need the required cables of the components that you would like us to hook up for you. In most cases, this will include HDMI, RGB, RCA and COAX cables, if you’re not sure exactly what connection cables you will need, please give us a call at 1300736804.

Can I order them from you?

Absolutely, just let us know what type of devices you want connected and how far they will be from the TV or A/V receiver. We are always happy to help you determine these things, if you are unsure.

Do I have to use your brackets and cables or can I purchase them elsewhere?

Most of our TV installation packages include brackets, but if you would like to use your own or purchase one elsewhere, just let us know and we will adjust the installation price accordingly.

Will you install my TV over a fireplace?

Yes, we will mount your TV over your fireplace, we will conceal the wires in your standard frame wall. If there is brick or tile above your fireplace, there may be an additional minimal charge for installation.

Do I need to do any prepare anything in my home before the installation?

You just need to clear the immediate installation area of all fragile items and provide adequate working floor space.

Do I need to be home during my installation?

Yes, an adult (18 years+) needs to be present during the installation.

Who performs my professional installation?

Your installation will be performed by a member of our professional installation team. Our installation technicians are subjected to ongoing training to ensure that they stay current with the fast moving consumer electronics market.

What will the installation technicians do at my home?

Conduct a pre-installation assessment upon arrival at your home. Explain the work to be performed, and discuss any options available to you. Complete the installation, integrate your newly purchased components into your existing system and ensure that everything works correctly. Then provide you with a brief educational demonstration of your home theatre and answer any questions. We’ll remove all debris from the installation site so your house will be as clean as when our professionals arrived.